Dynamic Offsite have delivered our latest offsite manufactured structures with two homes in Telford added to our 2019 portfolio of builds. 
Previously, a full Dynamic Offsite installation team has installed a two storey three bed home in 2 days, but, on an extremely tight site with no storage and just enough space for a crane we could only see an opportunity! 
Working closely with a Midlands based developer we put together an installation strategy with a two man installation team and a crane to deliver two timber frame home structures within days. 
We also facilitated on the job training for a senior member of the developers team with the aim of enhancing they're understanding of timber frame and unlocking further opportunities to maximise offsite construction. 
The small development comprises two low energy three storey townhouse style homes that are located a short walk from the picturesque Shropshire town of Ironbridge. 
If you would like more information on the Dynamic Offsite approach please call 0121 724 0099 or email info@dynamicoffsite.co.uk 
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