Dynamic worked in a partnership with the home owner and a Gloucestershire contractor to deliver an innovative hybrid offsite manufactured structure comprising of external "insulated concrete form" (ICF) walls and a structural insulated panel system (SIPs) roof. 
This project was logistically challenging with the site located at the top of a steep hill with only a narrow access road for deliveries.  
The low energy new home is also positioned on a tight site between a soon to be demolished bungalow and a steep bank. 
Our Director, Gavin Wilkes worked closely with a contractor in Gloucester training their workforce to install a SIPs roof. 
The SIPs roof was installed during a two day period and significantly reduced the timescales for delivering a weathertight envelope. 
If you would like more information on the Dynamic Offsite approach please call 0121 724 0099 or email info@dynamicoffsite.co.uk 
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