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Imagine a professional, fast and seamless approach to the slow, noisy and disruptive elements of building your dream home.  Where you achieve a weathertight structure typically within days of completing the foundations and work with a national company who focus on completing each and every build on time and within budget...welcome to Dynamic Offsite.

We work with architects, home owners, builders and families to deliver inspired structures for energy efficient new homes that remove the delays and issues often experienced with traditional construction techniques.  

Maximising offsite construction

We’re passionate about offsite construction methods, we understand it, we enjoy it and we’ve proved that we are very good at it!

SIPs Structures

Structural insulated Panels or SIPs for short are an offsite prefabricated system that provide well insulated, airtight and sustainable buildings across the education, residential, leisure, commercial and healthcare sectors.

SIPs are manufactured as a sandwich panel that typically consists of orientated strand board (OSB) either side of an insulated core.  SIPs are extremely strong, energy saving and recognised as a leading building system.
  • Intermediate Floors

    i-joists, metal web joist or cassettes

  • Save time

    A rapid manufacture and installation programme will significantly reduce your project timescales.

    Save money

    High levels of insulation results in minimal heating demand and reduced heating bills.

    Limited disruption

    Reduced deliveries, labour, noise, dust and waste for occupants, neighbours and the local community.


    Smooth, square and solid walls make it easier for the follow on trades to work towards completion.

    What you can expect from our SIPs

    • precision manufactured in modern factory environment.
    • u-values as low as 0.15 W/m2 with no additional insulation.
    • window and door apertures pre-cut and panels sized to suit your exact requirement.
    • positive contribution to low energy, BREEAM or Code for Sustainable Homes ratings. 
    • SIPs shell for a home typically installed within 5 days.

    Fully integrated structure solutions

    We remove the complexity and barriers that stop man people from working with modern methods of construction.    A senior member of our team works alongside you from your initial consultation through to the signing off of your completed structure.
    Dynamic Offsite like to keep the process simple, we assist you in a multitude of ways with our 5 step overview as follows: 
    1.  we work from your drawings to design the SIPs wall and roof system with intermediate floors (if required)
    2.  full structural engineering is completed for the structure
    3.  line and point loadings with foundation layout drawings are provided for your foundation/base provider
    4.  SIPs are manufactured and fabricated to match your exact requirements
    5.  SIPs are delivered to site and installed by our installation teams on the agreed dates for the agreed costs
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    Getting the system right!

    Our SIPs system is the perfect choice for the majority of projects, but, SIPs we're not afraid to state that "SIPs is not suited to every project".  If SIPs isn't the best choice we can work with you to develop and design the optimum hybrid timber solution to meet your budget, timescales and aspirations.

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